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Key hotpants from evo noche. If I wore hotpants, these would be MINE. She also does the prints on tops and things, but sadly no photos of those.

The Arrow Pendant from London finery. Seriously, how awesome is this?

Moroccan cut coin pendant from petsalad. Check out the other stuff, it has to be seen to be believed!

Fix Shit Up patch, Barton Artel. 'Nuff said.
I've been slack, sorry LJ!! Post coming soon.. I promise!

Animal crackers in my soup

You don't have to go to the zoo to see the animals!

nick blinko butterfly patch by Cadet Cactus

Sir Fancy Rabbit field bag from Shana Logic.

"I must say, isn't the weather awfully dreadful for this time of year?"

Kitty Love necklace, again from Shana Logic.

Kitties might not be portable or made for sticking in your handbag like those ridiculous tiny dogs, but you can keep this one with you. And it's adorable. Just like the real thing.

Gwendoline the sock monkey from Melvin and Delilah on Etsy.

Red and pink striped socks are awesome. And so are monkeys. So this is twice the awesome!

Bite Me!

Sometimes, you just need to say it with teeth...

The Monster Wallet from Bags That Bite

- seriously, how can you resist this little guy?!?!?

Little Rattlesnack Necklace by Marmar.

I don't think deadliness has ever been so cute.

Bite Me cross stitch from Boston Hooligan.

There is something inherently amusing about swearing, rude words and attitude done in that craft most known for the saccharin.

Snakey scarf from Shana Logic.

This would be the only time when it would be OK to wrap a snake several times around your neck!

The iPhone or iTouch from Shana Logic.

What better way to protect your expensive gadget than with something with teeth?

TATTOOS _ styleinspiration

These are just some of the tattoos I've found on flickr that I find beautiful, or interesting, or cool, or amazing. There's a bit of a theme running through them all - they're all black work! I think I prefer black work to anything else.

Tattoo mosaic

1. P1270204MC2, 2. Untitled, 3. Beta Vulgaris, 4. crow skeleton, 5. itchy teeth, 6. geese moon, 7. doubtful guest pt 3, 8. Healed, 9. Vanessa's First Tattoo, 10. Michigan Sand Dunes, 11. camera punx, 12. the key was an anchor for a land-locked lad, 13. Tash Shows Tuffie's Tattoo, 14. Ink, 15. 7170, 16. Bjork by Bozi 1993, 17. CatLady4Life, 18. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, 19. ear tattoo, 20. moth

Spats - Straight Razor Slasher Designs

3 Voodoo buttons - atelier bagatelle

Psychic Fortunes card - Emily Balivet

Apocalypse... Now?

...The Etsy Apocalypse...

Feather necklace - Grotbags

Industrial cog necklace - Monster kookies

Industrial bearing ring - andes cruz

Shaman talisman feather necklace - iron & fire

Gutter Skirt - Black Orchid Designs

Steampunk Vintage Spat Corset - Velvet Mechanism

Atomic Blast Bag - Raygun Robyn

"...wearing stripes with plaid is easy.”

"Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy." - Albert Einstein

Black and White Striped corset from Arsenic Fashions

The Nightmare Shrug from Alienskin - custom made for you in colours of your choosing!

From Delicious corsets

Wild Card bloomers from Five & Diamond

That Consumerist Whore Post

Please don't hurt me, dear reader, but there are some things I just really love, and really want, even if they are out of my price range.

The hose clamp ring, sterling silver with a little dot of garnet. From Five & Diamond

Tawapa Seraphim via Five & Diamond. Which is.... $615. Ouch.